Bankruptcy list (Pittsburgh Live)
Filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Pittsburgh:

Delta Asks Bankruptcy Judge to Impose Deep Pay Cuts (RedNova)
By Russell Grantham, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Nov. 2–Delta Air Lines has asked its bankruptcy judge to impose deep pay cuts, following seven weeks of talks that didn’t yield a deal for the $325 million in annual concessions the airline says are crucial to its revival.

Interstate Bakeries Reports Smallest Monthly Sales Since Bankruptcy (WIBW-TV Topeka)
Twinkie maker Interstate Bakeries reports the lowest level of monthly sales since it filed last year for bankruptcy protection. The Kansas City-based company said it took in $239 million in revenue in September, slightly less than the August level.

NYRA hires bankruptcy law firm (Capital News 9)
The New York Racing Association has hired a top bankruptcy law firm in case it can’t raise the $20 million it needs to stay afloat. NYRA Co-Chairman Peter Karches said the organization hired Weil, Gotshal and Manges, which was named the U.S. bankruptcy law firm of the year for 2004.

Interstate Bakeries reports smallest sales since bankruptcy (Kansas City Star)
KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Interstate Bakeries Corp., the maker of Hostess Twinkies and Wonder Bread, reported its lowest level of monthly sales since it filed for bankruptcy protection last year.

Asbestos Mesothelioma

  • Asbestos from Libby a far more toxic variety (Baltimore Sun)
    The asbestos contaminating the vermiculite ore from the W.R. Grace & Co. mine in Libby was tremolite. Its fibers are far more toxic, and it produces 10 to 100 times more scarring, than the more widely used chrysotile asbestos. The fibers are like microscopic needles or spears, which, because of their sharpness, become imbedded in lung tissue. Over time, the fibers become infected and create scar
  • Payout victory likely for asbestos victims (The Advertiser)
    ASBESTOS victims are close to victory, with legislation to fast-track compensation claims likely to go through State Parliament within weeks. Independent MP Nick Xenophon will introduce a Bill to improve laws for victims when Parliament resumes next week.
  • Asbestos cleanup plan in the works for Campion Towers (The Greyhound)
    Campion Tower is currently going through an on-going asbestos project to ensure that asbestos in the building is not released into the air, and posing a serious risk to students living in the building. Asbestos was widely used in older buildings as insulation in such materials as floor tiles, ceiling tiles, insulation on pipes and ducts and roofing materials because of its resistance to heat and
  • Asbestos and Turkish farmers (Medical News Today)
    Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral which has been extensively used in most Western countries mainly in building and construction. It was later proven that it can cause different types of cancers and other diseases, the reason why its use is now banned in many countries.
  • Ban On Asbestos Products On the Cards (
    GOVERNMENT edged closer last week to the mooted ban of asbestos when the cabinet approved the publication for public comment of the new asbestos regulations.

Education Law

  • Students want end to ban denying education aid to drug offenders (WPRI 12)
    PROVIDENCE, R.I. A handful of Brown University students are protesting a law denying financial aid to students convicted of drug crimes. The ban is authorized by the Higher Education Act, which is up for reauthorization this year and being debated today in Congress.
  • SHEFA lauds signing of local law 14-28 (Saipan Tribune)
    Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance board chair Felicidad T. Ogumoro Wednesday praised the 14th Saipan Legislative Delegation, Gov. Juan N. Babauta and Saipan Mayor Juan B. Tudela for their prompt for the Saipan High Education Financial Assistance program manifested in the newly signed Saipan Local Law 14-28.
  • Department of Education wants federal law changed (The Stamford Advocate)
    NORWALK — The state needs to keep lobbying for major revisions to the federal No Child Left Behind Law, a Department of Education official said last night.
  • Brown University students protest drug law (WPRI 12)
    PROVIDENCE , R.I. — Brown University students will protest a federal law today that denies financial aid to students convicted of drug offenses. The protest comes as Congress considers this week whether to renew the provision as part of the Higher Education Act.
  • Parents, legislators debate series of sex education bills (Sentinel & Enterprise)
    BOSTON — The Legislature’s Joint Committee on Education heard heated debate Thursday while considering four bills that would make sex education in public schools an elective course, a move supporters say is needed to allow parents control over who teaches their children sensitive topics.
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Government Contracts

  • Senate Approves Amendment To Bar Offshore Firms From Government Contracts, (
    The United States Senate has adopted an amendment championed by Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) that would bar the award of future contracts through several government departments to U.S. companies that have set up headquarters offshore to avoid American taxes.
  • B.C. government mulls incentives to sweeten pot for 200,000 union workers (Canadian Press via Yahoo! News)
    VICTORIA (CP) – The B.C. government is sending signals it learned its lesson about labour negotiations during the recent two-week illegal teachers strike as spring contract talks with up to 200,000 unionized workers approaches.
  • Fears for future of contracts (The Advertiser)
    HEAVY hitters in the local IT industry are meeting with the State Government this week, over concerns they will be left out of its lucrative information and communication technology contracts.
  • CACI Awarded Two Network Services Contracts Valued at $19.8 Million with Office of the Secretary of Defense (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
    CACI International Inc announced today that it has been awarded two new prime, one-year contracts, valued at a total of $19.8 million, to provide managed network services for the Office of the Secretary of Defense .
  • Level 3 bids for government contract ( via Yahoo! Finance)
    Level 3 Communications Inc. is among the companies bidding on a government telecommunications contract.
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