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  • Students want end to ban denying education aid to drug offenders (WPRI 12)
    PROVIDENCE, R.I. A handful of Brown University students are protesting a law denying financial aid to students convicted of drug crimes. The ban is authorized by the Higher Education Act, which is up for reauthorization this year and being debated today in Congress.
  • SHEFA lauds signing of local law 14-28 (Saipan Tribune)
    Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance board chair Felicidad T. Ogumoro Wednesday praised the 14th Saipan Legislative Delegation, Gov. Juan N. Babauta and Saipan Mayor Juan B. Tudela for their prompt for the Saipan High Education Financial Assistance program manifested in the newly signed Saipan Local Law 14-28.
  • Department of Education wants federal law changed (The Stamford Advocate)
    NORWALK — The state needs to keep lobbying for major revisions to the federal No Child Left Behind Law, a Department of Education official said last night.
  • Brown University students protest drug law (WPRI 12)
    PROVIDENCE , R.I. — Brown University students will protest a federal law today that denies financial aid to students convicted of drug offenses. The protest comes as Congress considers this week whether to renew the provision as part of the Higher Education Act.
  • Parents, legislators debate series of sex education bills (Sentinel & Enterprise)
    BOSTON — The Legislature’s Joint Committee on Education heard heated debate Thursday while considering four bills that would make sex education in public schools an elective course, a move supporters say is needed to allow parents control over who teaches their children sensitive topics.
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