• Residents upset with ban on light-pole decorations (The Arizona Republic)
    Residents upset with new city guidelines on decorating streetlight poles.
  • Residents upset with ban on light-pole decorations (The Arizona Republic)
    PEORIA – Neighborhood residents have loudly lambasted Peoria officials for imposing new guidelines that will ban most of their holiday decorations on city streetlight poles.
  • BOLI: Break bread, not wage laws, with your employees (Corvallis Gazette Times)
    QUESTION: When an employee starts working for our restaurant, we require them to purchase uniforms. The uniforms are really more like costumes, specially made for our place, so they are a bit expensive. We have employees buy two of the uniforms so they can always have a clean one to wear.
  • Agency credits ad for raising payments (Roanoke Times)
    52 people who were delinquent with support payments. The 52 people featured in the Sept. 29 ad did not appear for court dates in Roanoke, Roanoke County and Salem related to their failure to pay child support. They owed a total of just over $1 million.
  • U. S. Treasury Officials Join Bankers in Schools Across the Nation to Promote Financial Education (United States Department of the Treasury)
    The U.S. Treasury partnered with the American Bankers Association Education Foundation today for the third annual Get Smart About Credit Day. Nine Treasury officials teamed up with bankers across the nation and visited nearly 900 students in high schools, universities and continuing education classes to teach students how to budget, use credit cards and build a positive payment history.
  • Colorado State Judicial Branch –
    … about the rules & laws in Colorado for processing garnishments in County or District Court, case filing, form & fee …
  • FAQ
    … > E-file. > Garnishments. > Historic Preservation Credit … regarding the service of income tax refund and/or credit garnishments, wage garnishments, or vendor garnishments …
  • Garnishments
    Answers to Your Questions About. Garnishments. Excellence. In. Customer Service. Colorado Judicial Branch. April 2002. If you win a case in small claims court, county court, or district court for an action … This brochure addresses garnishments. Ask the judgment debtor to pay you the money …
  • Class Description: Garnishments Assistant
    Montgomery County Public Schools: Position Class Description: Garnishments Assistant … determinations on procedural matters regarding garnishments through interpretation of law, policies and … policy and procedures relating to garnishments and provides guidance to Call …
  • Garnishments
    Payroll Services provides resources for sound financial decisions… Some of the more frequently asked questions regarding garnishments and their answers are listed below … please feel free to contact the Garnishments Desk by email at [email protected]

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